Who said “not possible”? Build your Surface Hub 2S VM

If you are working on Surface Hub deployments, it’s always a bit tricky to test it, because a) you have to find a Hub to play with and b) reset takes very long if you want to test from scratch.

Thats why I tried to create a Surface Hub Virtual Machine to get around this, and guess what: it worked 🙂

How to do it

At the end, it was pretty easy. First, download Surface Hub Recovery Media (if you don’t have a Serial Number, you can download the 2020 Edition .iso from here).

Next step, create a Windows Recovery ISO (i did with the Windows Media Creation Tool, but for sure you could do this with Rufus or something like this as well)

Then, the last (and most important) step, is to replace the binaries in the Windows ISO with the ones from Surface Hub Recovery Zip. This I did with Anyburn, but again, can be done with any ISO Editor I guess:

Edit image file
Replace Files with the ones from Extracted Surface Recovery Media
write to .iso File

Thats it, now you can mount the .iso in your Hyper-V, Virtual Box or whatever you use to spin up VMs and let the Surface Hub installation wizard go through!

Mount as DVD
Recover from drive. Full Clean
Surface Hub OOBE 🙂
Choose your desired Surface Hub Deployment Mode
heeeeere we are 🙂


This has to be done just once, then you can run as many Surface Hub VMs you like, which makes it much easyier to test and develop your deployments.

Because its a generice ISO, I can share it with you, just PM me on Linkedin if you need it 🙂 cheers!

Author: Dave Wenger

Microsoft 365 Certified Expert: Enterprise Admin Microsoft Certified Solution Expert: Private Cloud Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Admin Microsoft Certified System Engineer: Messaging

One thought on “Who said “not possible”? Build your Surface Hub 2S VM”

  1. works a treat. Its a shame that it does not appear to be possible to use the host video and audio as you need access to RDP, command prompt and services- none of which this awful OS makes available

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