Autoactivate Sensitivity Label Bar

If you deploy the all new AIP Unified Labeling Client to your machines, every user has to enable the status bar in Office if they want to apply some labels. This behavior can be changed through some Powershell Commandlets.

First of all, download the client MSI and deploy it through Intune

download  intune

Then, we need to create the required Labels in Office 365 (will cover that in a separate blog some days):

Annotation 2019-11-06 162120  Annotation 2019-11-06 162710

Next step is to connect the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center Powershell, easiest way if you are using MFA (which I hope you do), is to download the Exchange Online Powershell Commandlets in Internet Explorer (no comment), this can do your modern auth (connect-ippssession -userprincipalname

ps  connect

Then you can run a single command line to automatically enable the status bar for every scoped user in you label publishing (just replace the label policy name):

Set-LabelPolicy -Identity “Schützenswert / Sensible” -AdvancedSettings @{HideBarByDefault=”False”}


so, thats it, now the bar will be displayed automatically on the next start of the Office App.



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