Surface Hub 2s Deployment Part II: Intune Policies & Configuration

In the first part, Resource, User and License has been provisioned. Now it’s time to configure some Intune Polices for the device. The following Settings has been defined for deployment:

  • App Deployment from Microsoft Store (Win32 is not Supported)
  • Teams as Default Phone Client
  • PIN for Projection
  • Custom Start Layout

For AppDeployment, the Store for Business needs to be synchronized into Intune, Offline Licensing is required for every deployed App.

#1: Enable Store for Business Offline Apps

#2: “Buy” Teams and sync it into Intune

#3: Deploy it to your Surface Hubs

#4: Create Device Configuration Settings
Create a Custom Settings Profile for the 2 required OMA/URIs and deploy it to your Surface Hub (Details over here:

#5: Create Device Restriction Profile for Start Layout and PIN
To create the Startlayout, you can download and modify this template: (could not test that one yet)

In Part III, a Roomlist will be created for Teams Meeting Requests: Part III

Author: Dave Wenger

Microsoft 365 Certified Expert: Enterprise Admin Microsoft Certified Solution Expert: Private Cloud Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Admin Microsoft Certified System Engineer: Messaging

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